The prices shown on the website include turnover tax and all other charges excluding shipping expenses. The respective amount of costs of shipping will be calculated depending on the type and size of the order and will be listed in the order form before dispatch. The invoice price has to be transferred as prepayment, within 10 days after making the order, to the business account which is listed in the order confirmation. In the transaction the invoice number needs to be listed.

With PayPal purchases can be paid for online in a simple, secure and direct way. For the customer PayPal is for free inclusive buyer protection  without deterrent fee. More information are available under By choosing PayPal as the payment method the customer will be forwarded to PayPal after sending the order. After completing the process of paying the customer will be forwarded back to the "BuyMir Online-Shop". With that the order will be send to us.

The payment method via invoice after receipt of the product is only possible with a customer number and not on initial orders.

Furthermore cash payment is possible in case of pickup by the customer.